It’s all so Absurdia!



There’s nothing I dislike more than the water cooler synopsis of a film or tv show. For one thing, it’s very hard to give a full and detailed opinion of something when you’re rushing off to do something else. The boss has his eye on you both and the doubts begin to creep in. Will I just say that yes, I really did enjoy Better Call Saul instead of engaging in a long debate about how it ran out of good ideas after the first three or four episodes*.

*note: I never even watched it, just a random example.

On the other hand, I have often flirted with the idea of being a full-time reviewer and the devastating effects it can have on you creatively. Criticism even when it’s constructive, is usually a negative thing. You are finding imperfections and if done right, taking up a lot of time to do so.

I try to avoid reviewing anything new because as I’ve found on my facebook status history, I am not the most reliable source of a review moments after watching something. I need to think about it for a while, maybe watch it twice or a third time before it all sinks in. Is this an admission that I’m a bit slow? Well, yes it is and I am!

So if you aren’t willing to critically analyse everything you see and just want to observe things and make mental notes, fair enough. But who out there, is doing this noble work instead? Well, step forward City Absurdia.

This young man has put out some excellent videos on subjects as diverse as the Easter Rising to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Critical analysis is his forte. Making an observation and explaining his reasons why is his strength. They are about eight videos available currently on Youtube( see below) and I recommend you watch any or all of them if you want to change the way you watch things or indeed just want to learn something.


Also this week I have been watching a lot of this guy…



Bill Burr is an American comedian teetering on the edge of liberal decency every week now. He doesn’t like Hillary, feminism, snowflakes or any other of these buzzwords that have become part of the Twitter vernacular. On the flipside, he doesn’t like Trump, modern men or Steve Jobs either. I don’t know if he likes many things( the New England Patriots notwithstanding), but his annoyance at the world is quite entertaining I think.

I think he’s a bit hit and miss, overall. But he’s human, he’s not always on it, which is refreshing.

He has a few stand-up shows on Netflix but I have to say I prefer his podcasts or short bursts of him on youtube. Remember folks, it’s comedy. If you’re offended, move on!

  1. Bill on Steve Jobs
  2. Bill on feminism

3. Interview with Conan

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