Ireland’s Odyssey!

From 1988 onwards, this is the story of the Irish football team. Part 1 now available here! .

What I Do

I have made movies

I write stories

I sometimes have thoughts on topics like football.

This is my website

I usually update it every summer. If you don’t see anything new for a long time, don’t worry about it. I’m just livin’ man.



  • Ireland’s Odyssey
    Ireland’s Odyssey: Part 1 Big Jack Here is the first part of a series about the Irish football team. Where were you when we were f*ckin’ shite? This refrain was popular around the turn of the millennium with Man CityContinue reading “Ireland’s Odyssey”
  • Music of My Year
    Still listening to old tunes. Comfort food for the ears. This is a great upbeat song from the late 70s. My mate said he played it on repeat the day Alex Ferguson left Man United. That’s good enough for me.Continue reading “Music of My Year”
  • Bravo Charlie…
    ‘To have lived through those 12 or 13 years. It had excitement, it had drama. Skullduggery, loyalty, disloyalty. It had everything. And it can never and will never be repeated again…’ The above quote by Padraig Flynn. And boy, didContinue reading “Bravo Charlie…”