Music of My Year

Still listening to old tunes. Comfort food for the ears.

This is a great upbeat song from the late 70s. My mate said he played it on repeat the day Alex Ferguson left Man United. That’s good enough for me.

Funny thing I thought Arianna was Australian for ages. But she’s not! Anyway, she’s racking up the hits rapidly but I always liked this. Motorcyles and motels, the cornerstone of any good affair.

I think this is the only 2021 song on here. There’s certainly other good music out there but I’m a Lana stan. I don’t even know what a ‘stan’ is. I’m not hip.

Two really cool things together. Daft Punk and the chap from the Strokes. But it could easily be The Strokes with Daft Punk. They are perfect for each other.

This song was originally an epic soundscape of 80s keyboard trickery. Stripped down here with Morgen getting some help with the high notes, it has a haunting quality. You almost look out the window for a Volvo and the Sky Atlantic ident.

I watched a fine documentary on the Ballymun flats earlier in the year and this song got a mention (it did not get a spin, however because U2 royalties are $$$) Anyway, really nice. Far less ambiguous than a lot of their output.

I played this to death in the summer. Cooking away in the apartment, trying to take myself to some higher plain. Or at the very least forget about having pasta four days in a row because the restaurants of Saigon closed during lockdown.

How did I get to 40 years without watching this excellent mini series? Or the even better novel? This song became a staple of Irish TV over the years, used in so many news review shows.

I only re-listened to this by chance. It was on some RTE programme about the Ireland football team. I blasted up the whatsapp group and John Cushens put a name to the tune in no time at all. Top tip, join WhatsApp groups where there are lots of top trivia buffs.

This was my ‘hum to myself’ tune for ages when I was walking back to the apartment from school. Conditions on my street meant it was suicidal to use personal earphones while walking. So I hummed on those not to so lonely streets…

Added to the list of ‘why did it take you so long?’ music appreciation, here are The Charlatans. They tried to rope Sharon Horgan into singing with them but instead she just appears in the video, moping around, being Irish…Sorry Giles, I know they’ve better ones.

Very underrated tune here. Because of Irish radio’s business model, many band’s top one or two songs get played to death and gems like this are forgotten. But don’t sleep on this as the kids say. Watch the whole concert if you can. Christy wears a bleedin’ rapih Celtic jacket.

This song is the epitome of The Seahorses. Shortlived and in a hurry, they threw a lyrical if not literal kitchen sink at this tune. Damn shame they couldn’t keep it up.

Poor Sarah. It really made me sad to see the girl from Stockport pass away earlier this year. Only a year younger than myself. Is there an argument to say they were one of the best things in the 2000s? It’s not even an argument, they were. Even the Arctic Monkeys covered them. No thanks to Louis Walsh, the dzope!

A song that perfectly encapsulates the way Westerners often speak in cliches about Vietnam as well as their never-ending patience for our guff. I got this stuck in my head while on a ferry to Vung Tau. Lovely stuff!

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