My Books

In late 2016 I decided to take the step of sharing the dark recesses of my mind via the medium of Kindle. Up to the time of writing this, I am yet to trouble any best seller lists but I’m really enjoying setting myself these targets and actually hitting them.

To date, there have been two Novellas: Fourtold and DJ Beacon. 

‘Fourtold’ is the story of four ruthless and unloveable rogues who have reluctantly banded together for a daring robbery. I decided to do it from a first person perspective, using each character as the narrator for each of the chapters. It has a word count of roughly 25k words, ideal really for a short train journey!

Here is the link to it:


Next up is DJ Beacon, which I completed recently. ‘Beacon’ is a story based in a struggling radio station and tells the story of Peter, a DJ/phone show presenter who is stubbornly trying to stay relevant in both his work and his life. With a word count of approx 41k, you might need a few extra train journeys, but it’s no huge commitment to your life.

The link to that is here:


I hope that you give at least one of them a shot and see what you think. One of the great things about the Kindle is that once you’ve made the initial outlay to buy the device, you are guaranteed to save money on buying books. Mine are both under three Euro at the moment so you can’t go wrong really!

Note that I haven’t completely abandoned the possibility of publishing a run of more traditional paperbacks. If and when that happens, I’ll be sure to let everyone know!