A brief history of my film production

Temper Temper (2019-2020)

Temper Temper is the latest opus. We had a screening for the cast, crew and other friends in September 2019. Hopefully we can bring to the public by the end of the year, that is the plan anyway!

Here are some teasers.

Temper Temper Part 1

Temper Temper Part 2


Cyclone: Barry McGuigan project (2015-16)

This clip was part of a submission I made to the Film Board. We wanted to make a biopic on 1980s Boxing legend Barry McGuigan. With so many pitfalls to avoid, I always felt it was going to be difficult . But all these things are part of the learning experience, or so they say!

Thanks to Jason Finnane of Finn Images

Here is a draft of the script.


Border Project(2014-15)

I have had this script in my out tray for a few years now. Without getting into it too much, it is a TV project that didn’t see the light of day unfortunately. These things happen. I would like to return to this part of the world for a story some time again in the future.

Here’s a first draft of a script that will give you an idea of what we had in mind.

Bandit: Episode One

Riffed (2014)

This is probably the film that I am most proud of thus far. Hopefully Temper Temper will usurp that when it is released properly in the near future.

Here’s the trailer and (for a limited period only) the full movie! The script is below that. Colour coded for your pleasure…Can you guess why it was coded like this??

All About Andy (2010-11)

Yes, that’s right. Ten years. Don’t ask me where the time has gone, because I don’t have a clue.

I wanted to get this back out into the world after a long absence. I had grand ideas of a new colour grade and spectacular new graphics but alas, I have been unable to do this for a few reasons.

Nonetheless, here are the original four parts , all on YouTube. I will endeavor to get a new and improved version up this year but it might have to wait until I get back to Ireland.

All About Andy Part 1

All About Andy Part 2

All About Andy Part 3

All About Andy Part 4



Swayed (2009)

A police drama.

that’s the original script above. Yes, it is was called ‘Sway’ first. We changed it because there were a few films already called that on Imdb!

Diamonds Are For Christmas (2008)

The Unpaid Spies (2004-06)

where it all began…I have dreams of re-editing this someday too. Here’s a music video while you wait for that.

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