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  1. A load of bloggox?


When you start off something new you are inevitably going to get a lot of things wrong. It’s always been the case with me anyway. I think the one regret I do have is not bouncing back(1) quickly enough from disappointment. But enough introspection. There’s plenty of time for that when I hit submit on this.


So the point of this post is to ask whether an upcoming writer should bother with blogging and if so what should they blog about?


My caution stems from the fact that there’s so much out there. So much information to take in. I’ve already taken up half a minute of your time and if you find out this was all a cunning ruse to get you to pay for my book I know you’ll quite rightly hold me in contempt.


In saying all that, I think I can find a happy medium somewhere along the way. For a start this will be the longest introduction of anything I write up here again. Consider this our first meeting, we’re getting to know each other and you’re finishing up early today.


Right so for future reference I will discuss in no particular order films, music, books, sport, history, men’s fashion, cars, other things going on that involve my vastly more talented contemporaries.


I will also not bother with these from time to time. Because I need to live. I am actually out of practice on that score. I’m quietly determined to get away somewhere next year and need to follow in the footsteps of Sheryl Crow and her catchy tune(2) I also need to write other stuff and I know with my shoddy time management something will have to give.


So, with that, I still think that blogging is an acquired taste. There are some people who are really good at it. They say interesting things and get you thinking. I don’t follow any writer’s blogs but maybe I’ll start.


Anyway, what I would like to do is stick down a list(maybe a weekly list) of things that I have enjoyed recently and maybe a few notes on why.


So here’s five to start with.

  • Dermot Kavanagh has been shuffling around Dublin City’s puddles for the last few years, getting pretty handy at the aul photography in the process. You can follow him on Instagram here https://www.instagram.com/irishstreets/        


  • Jam Goldie is another very active photographer and a whole lot more besides. He works with Rabble and recently put together an excellent documentary on Direct Provision that you can see here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLcM0k86c7A



  • I recently read a novel from a Wexford native by the name of Paul O’Brien. It was called Blood Red Turns Dollar Green and tells the story of a New York wrestling promotion trying to fend off a number of different enemies in the early 1970s. I really like this guy as a writer. He has a very light touch and doesn’t try to beat you over the head to make his point. He is also a notable filmmaker. Check out his website here http://paulobrien.info/


Wow that’s a very male orientated list. I’ll change it up a bit more next time;)

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