There is no tomorrow…

If you’re expecting this to be an apocalyptic message of doom, relax. I can’t compete with all those other media sites telling you that Donald Trump is going to blow up the world or that Europe will be destroyed within the next 12 months. All that might be true but it doesn’t matter.

Why? Because you ain’t livin’ anyway. If like me you make promises to yourself and find the nice ones easier to keep than the hard ones, you should understand.

The best time to go to bed is around 11pm

The best time to wake up is between 6 and 6.30am

Exercise in the morning is an ideal way to help improve not only fitness but general health.

Eating after 7pm is not something that should be done regularly. The digestive system can only work so hard when you sleep.

Reading stimulates the mind more than anything you’ll ever see on television or the cinema. If you don’t believe me read just one page of a book and try to not picture the character’s face or the place they are in. Congratulations you are now your own director!

You will get stronger, quicker and smarter if you do the right things. One of them is to limit yourself to the amount of motivational content you hoover up. Be it health magazines, instructional videos or whatever. Watch or read it, get the advice and do it. Don’t critically analyse it or spend an hour looking for second opinions and subsequently fall into the web wormhole. You came for looking for an easy answer and it isn’t there! Work!



when your buddy hears your excuse for missing the gym today

If you’re a writer, getting work done first thing in the morning is also ideal. Because it gives you the rest of the day to not only get on with your soul destroying real job(we’ll get back to that) but to allow new ideas to come forth and improve upon the ‘something’ that you managed to get down that morning. Conversely doing it at night heaps extra pressure on what is already a fatigued brain. You will get good stuff but there’s a strong chance it will convey your mood at that very moment.

There are a lot of crimes in the world but not giving yourself the best chance of long term satisfaction is one I am guilty of time and time again. Things can and will go against you in life and it’s important to be nice to yourself too. But the relationship with your mind, body and soul have to last a long time so stop letting them fall out with each other over silly things. Give each one their chance to shine.



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