Recent Reads

I have recently soothed any lingering feelings of homesickness by reading some Irish based books. Here’s a list of my favourites over the past few months. They are all available on Amazon though I’m sure other outlets will see you right too. The Guarding of Ireland-The Garda Síochána and the Irish State 1960-2014: A HistoryContinue reading “Recent Reads”

The Irish Times Top 50 Irish Movies

What’s currently available and where… There was a little bit of consternation when this list was released at the beginning of May 2020. Many felt that some films had been unfairly overlooked. Rumours of a Damo and Ivor protest outside 28 Tara Street have yet to be confirmed but there were some controversial omissions. ConspicuousContinue reading “The Irish Times Top 50 Irish Movies”

film of the week: The Lobster

I often like to walk along a busy thoroughfare, taking for granted the happy faces, either with friend or lover. What brought them together and will they last? Who can say, we must trust that they actually appreciate each other’s company at least. This well established trusim is somewhat challenged in the Lobster. A filmContinue reading “film of the week: The Lobster”