There’s an old familiar saying that most of us agree with: Respect your elders. Not many could argue with that. They are the voices of experience. They’ve seen it all before. They can tell you whatever you need to know. This film turns that old saying on its head. We open with a young StaffContinue reading “FILM OF THE WEEK: THE MESSENGER”

The Euro’s…beginning of the end?

The familiar refrain of David Guetta’s theme tune dies out and all we have now are the memories. It was alright while it lasted. Maybe even better than alright. After months of fear mongering about potential terror threats, people from all over Europe turned up and had some fun. The football itself was average, thoughContinue reading “The Euro’s…beginning of the end?”

Archive: My thoughts on the Same Sex Marriage Referendum

Here is a 2013 piece I wrote regarding the Gay marriage referendum-interesting to look back on it, see what I got right, see what I might have got wrong. Many thanks to Conor O’Reilly who published the original piece. Please take a gander at his website. He has been at it far longer thanContinue reading “Archive: My thoughts on the Same Sex Marriage Referendum”