Book of the month: The Legendary Lugs Branigan by Kevin C Kearns

I decided on a change of pace this month. Something true, something Irish. A story to take me back to the rare old times, when men were perennially drunk and the local lawman was uncompromising and fearless. Lugs Branigan is an interesting character no matter what your perspective. Born in the south inner city ofContinue reading “Book of the month: The Legendary Lugs Branigan by Kevin C Kearns”

Film of the week: Wild Tales

I am regularly disappointed by the output of Film Four’s TV channel. So often it just seems to be endless repeats of the X Men films and Vin Diesel led rubbish. So when something different comes along these days, it really is a pleasant surprise. Relatos Salvajes (aka Wild Tales, Argentina 2014) is just that.Continue reading “Film of the week: Wild Tales”

book of the month: Weirdo by Cathi Unsworth

I don’t envy anybody who has to pick out a novel in the crime & thriller section these days. There seems to be an endless amount of options from various parts of the world and as well as a bottomless pit of writers, old and new vying for a reader’s attention. What got me toContinue reading “book of the month: Weirdo by Cathi Unsworth”

Film of the week: The Neon Demon

    Perverted, bizarre, grotesque, pointless, self indulgent. These are the kind of words you’ll be most likely find beside a review of this film. And with that, no doubt Nicolas Winding Refn will feel all the more validated. When you know the rules of cinema you either spend your career strictly adhering to themContinue reading “Film of the week: The Neon Demon”

BOOK OF THE MONTH: CUT ME IN (aka The Proposition) by Ed McBain

The great advantage of the Kindle is that it is essentially a very very good bookshop. Think about it. The like of Easons, Dubray, WH Smith, Waterstones et al will never have ‘every book’ you want. Some will be out of print or some out of fashion. Indeed Easons itself can have a limited rangeContinue reading “BOOK OF THE MONTH: CUT ME IN (aka The Proposition) by Ed McBain”