book of the month: The Nightcomers by Eric Ambler

  I have long threatened to engage with this man’s work. He had been writing since the mid 1930s but this particular novel was published in ’56; just before Spymania was beginning to dominate the paperback shelves. I had led myself to believe that this is where Ambler’s work would reside. But from what IContinue reading “book of the month: The Nightcomers by Eric Ambler”

Film of the Week: We Are Your Friends

Let’s get one thing absolutely straight. Well, maybe two things. Number one, I know about as much about dance music as I do Caravaggio. That is to say, I am an admirer but no aficionado. And B, I like Zac Efron and rate him as a movie star. It’s important we get that out ofContinue reading “Film of the Week: We Are Your Friends”


It’s funny how some films pass you by. It’s much more difficult to miss things these days with media coming at you from multiple angles. Or maybe that’s the problem. Office Space will be familiar to a generation of meme enthusiasts, perhaps more so than the film itself. Its chief protagonist in these images isContinue reading “FILM OF THE WEEK: OFFICE SPACE”